Jack Moore*

* Graphic Design & Writing


Print & Transmedia Design

Models of Silence is an experimental typography project that posits a hypothetical exhibition on prison writing as genre. The project explores how isolation, and hidden voices within prisons can be amplified by visibility, and regarding the forms of writing within prisons as literary works.

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Rolling Stone

Brand & Editorial Design

The visual language of this rebrand takes inspiration from the Fluxus movement of the ‘60s and ‘70s. What this rebrand does is inject a humanistic touch to the sanitized, and corporate minimalism into the brand that was once the enfant terrible of journalism.

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Brand Design & Strategy Innovation

Creating a comprehensive new brand strategy and redesign of Sunkist Growers. How do we enhance Sunkist’s existing brand identity, while creating an effective and authentic strategy for a brand extension and expansion

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Brand Design & Strategy 

Fruit is a hypothetical brand that caters solely to the unique needs of queer, rural persons throughout North America. It’s mission is to raise visibility, increase access to healthcare, form community from geographic disparity, and create a safe space for rural queers.

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Death of Truth

Typography Research

This project explores the typographic implications of a world where language is made meaningless. It will look at how it is informed by relativity, the concept of space-time, the importance of humanity or lack thereof, and the ways in which digital language (verbal and visual) has bled into reality and thus made language meaningless.

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Quartz Fest

Brand Design & Strategy Innovation

Quartz Festival is a part of a larger rebrand and restructuring of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses as an organization situated at the nexus of art, nature, and technology.

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