Brand Strategy, Identity, & Packaging
Mentors: Gerardo Herrera, James Chu
ArtCenter Gallery

Growing up on a Sunkist family farm, I have long held an affinity for it as a brand and a promise. I chose to create a new brand strategy for Sunkist to communicate to a wider audience what I already loved about the Sunkist brand.

Creating a comprehensive new brand strategy and redesign of Sunkist Growers. How do we enhance Sunkist’s existing brand identity, while creating an effective and authentic strategy for a brand extension and expansion?

The Objective
    • Make Sunkist the go-to for fresh and convenient produce and food.
    • Expand Sunkist’s presence and reenter the cultural consciousness.
    • Improve marketing strategies for efficacy.
    • Diversify and control product range.

How do we make Sunkist…
    • More premium?
    • Committed to health?
    • Uniquely convenient & accessible?
    • Preeminent source for freshness

This rebrand created four subrands for Sunkist:
    • The Sunkist App
    • Sunkitchen juices and alchohol
    • Sunkist Delivery Service
    • Kist Cosmetics

Strategy + Process 

Innovation, and process for rebranding Sunkist.

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Sunkist App

The Sunkist App allows for users to scan produce and locate where their produce was grown.

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A line of juices, pre-made food products, and a line of alcohol and spirits.

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Sunkist Delivered

Sunkist will able to reach more people through the convenience of Sunkist Delivered. Consumers can order Sunkist produce and products delivered to their homes.

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Kist Cosmetics

Kist Cosmetics is a whole new market sector for Sunkist to explore. It meets the need of wholesome healthcare by providing solutions to normally homemade remedies.

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