Brand Design, Strategy, Packaging
Mentors: Gerardo Herrera, James Chu
ArtCenter Student Gallery (2019)
Graphis New Talent Annual 2021 - Silver Medal

Growing up on a Sunkist family farm, I have long held an affinity for it as a brand and a promise. I chose to create a new brand strategy for Sunkist to communicate to a wider audience what I already loved about the Sunkist brand.

Creating a comprehensive new brand strategy and redesign of Sunkist Growers. How do we enhance Sunkist’s existing brand identity, while creating an effective and authentic strategy for a brand extension and expansion? 

The Objective
    • Make Sunkist the go-to for fresh and convenient produce and food.
    • Expand Sunkist’s presence and reenter the cultural consciousness.
    • Improve marketing strategies for efficacy.
    • Diversify and control product range.

How do we make Sunkist…
    • More premium?
    • Committed to health?
    • Uniquely convenient & accessible?
    • Preeminent source for freshness

This rebrand created four subrands for Sunkist:
    • The Sunkist App
    • Sunkitchen juices and alchohol
    • Sunkist Delivery Service
    • Kist Cosmetics

The process for creating Sunkist’s new strategy came from an extensive research and discovery phase. This was to ensure that every design decision was not arbitrary and could be embraced by Sunkist’s consumers.
The tag line for this innovated strategy is “Bring Home the Sun” emphasizing ownership of both the farmers and consumers over the brand.
Strategy Posters

Outlining the visual guidelines and strategic research that informed this rebrand.

Sunkist App

The Sunkist app sits at the center of the new Sunkist strategy. It allows for users to scan a produce tag and find out where its from and who farmed it.

It also allows for users to order Sunkist products to be delivered to them, ranging from produce to homegoods and cosmetics, as well as supplying recipes.

Further positioning Sunkist as not just a brand, but a lifestyle promise.


I created a line of citrus infused spirits and ready-made cocktails for Sunkist. The design references quilts and Americana, bringing in patterns of suns, hills, and citrus.

Kist Cosmetics

Inspired by homemade, citrus-based beauty remedies, Kist offers a convenient and natural solution to users' desires for natural skincare.
The posters for Kist use evocatively art directed photography, using models of all genders.
The finale of this campaign is a partnership and launch with cosmetic giant Sephora.


Jack Moore Graphic Designer, Optimist, Storyteller