Tournament of Roses

Strategy & Brand Design
Mentors: Jan Fleming & Caro Trigo
ArtCenter Gallery

The Pasadena Tournament of Roses is an historic organization, perhaps most notable for its annual New Year’s Day Rose Parade, and its Rose Bowl football game as well. Originally established as a foundation to create awareness of the warm Pasadena climate, for wealthy Easterners looking to escape the winter, the Tournament of Roses has developed into an iconic piece of Americana culture.

For Graduate Studio 01 at ArtCenter College of Design, we were tasked with doing a complete brand audit on the Tournament of Roses, and rebrand and extend it accordingly. Initial roadblocks included the static branding for the company, the considerations for its non-profit and largely volunteer-staffed status, and what extensions would be appropriate to create in order to elevate the core branding message, and mission statement at the heart of the Tournament of Roses.

The strategy concentrates on the Tournament of Roses emphasis on craft. Thus I this new strategy places the Tournament at the intersection of art, innovation, and nature.

This project included a great amount of illustration, environmental design, motion, and UX design.

Tournament House is the headquarters of the Tournament of Roses, located in the heart of Pasadena on Orange Grove Blvd.

Quartz Festival is a hypothetical brand expansion for the Tournament of Roses. It is a festival that celebrates innovations in art and technology using nature.

The Quartz Festival Event Schedule is a tabloid newsprint publication that will be available at newstands throughout Pasadena and Los Angeles.

Jack Moore Graphic Designer, Optimist, Storyteller