Tolleson Portraits

Art Direction Assistance

Studio: Tolleson
Photographer: Eric Einwiller
Creative Director: Naomi Hoag
Art Director/Senior Designer: Amanda Wangersheim 
Role: Junior Designer / Assistant Art Director

In Winter of 2023 Tolleson began and initiative to take new employee headshots taken by our Director of Photography Eric Einwiller. This was my first opportunity to assist in a photoshoot, from helping to organize, style, assist in art direction and help on the day of the photoshoot. 

To eschew the normal all-black designer portraits, we tried to take a warmer but still neutral approach to capturing the employees photos. The wardrobe consisted of using earthtone neutrals, with no logos or graphics, and having a pop of bright color or a statement piece of clothing to help bring out the employee’s character. Allowing the photo series to feel elevated, yet still playful. 

Lighting and Posing. with direct studio lighting and having the subjects casually seated or standing, staring directly into the camera our intention was to heighten the casual and intimate nature of these portraits.
The styling was meant to stear clear of the typical all-black portraits of designers. Leaning into earth-tones, and natural materials as with accents of color to allow the subjects to bring their personalities to the portraits

Jack Moore Graphic Designer, Optimist, Storyteller