Nike CTR360 Maestri III Remake Packaging


Studio: Tolleson
Client: Nike 
Creative Director: Carlos Montalvan
Role: Junior Designer

In June of 2023 Nike Soccer rereleased one of it’s most popular boots in , the CTR360 Maestri III. The new CTR360 Maestri III remake boots from Nike are an exact remake of the original cleat launched 10 years prior. 

Since this was to be a limited rerelease, and the shoes were to be in high demand, we were tasked at Tolleson to create a special shoe edition shoebox that reflected the excitement of the CTR360 Maestri III’s fans. Myself and creative director Carlos Montalvan created a shoe box, wrapping paper, and shoe bag that reflected the iconic parts of the boots to help make sure that the boot’s launch showed the history of the shoe and the connection with the fans as well.

Visual Language


Images of the CTR360 Maestri III Remake shoe c/o

Jack Moore Graphic Designer, Optimist, Storyteller