Nervous Conditions

Book Design & Print Production
Mentor: Tracey Shiffman
ArtCenter Gallery

While we presume that colonialism is an antiquated system of violence and oppression that has been relegated to the days of Empire, and staunch Victorianism the ramifications of it still persist to this day.

For my Communication Design 3 class we were tasked with designing a book based around an “-ism” that is then expanded upon to further investigate the idea both through writing and design.

The “-ism” that I chose was post-colonialism because of how I believed that, visually, there were a wealth of opportunities to draw comparisons to the colonialism of the past and the systems birthed from it that persist to this day, especially in the United States.

Full text available here.
The form of the book is a quarter-cloth bound 8in x 10in smythe-sewn hardcover. 

Bound at Katercraft in Pico Rivera, California.

Key spreads from Nervous Conditions. Printed on 80lb Mowhawk Proline Matte. Printed at Typecraft in Pasadena, California.

Includes text from Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, Angela Y. Davis, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Franz Fanon.

Promotion poster announcing a book signing for the publishing of the book.

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