Jack Moore*

* Graphic Design & Writing


Identity & Packaging Design
Mentor: Cheri Gray

The band Portishead, named for the small sleeper town on the outskirts of Bristol, became one of the most influential and founding members of a new British wave of music called Trip Hop. Along with Massive Attack they typified everything about the alienation and purposelessness of youth culture in the Nineties, which was announced in their debut album Dummy.

For Portishead’s Dummy I focused on the underground, mythos they cultivated around themselves. Drawing inspiration from their inspiration, which included everything from East London hip hop, Sade, and the music of James Bond.

Additionally I took considerable inspiration from their namesake, the seaside town of Portishead, which was home to Portishead Radio the largest radio station in the world during the second World War. I used glitches, morse code, and sound waves to elicit the feeling of a this radio expanding from such a small, anonymous town to reach all corners of the globe, much like the band themselves.

Exhibition title wall, and spatial design for the museum exhibition.

Promotional poster for the Hapa exhibition.

The book for this exhibition was printed on tabloid newsprint, with a giclee rag cover, and is bound with twine.

The form of the book references the handmaid nature of the exhibition’s content.

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